Established in 2002 by Kieran McCauley and Belinda Gould, the Brew Moon's aim is to bring you flavoursome, natural beer made locally by people who are passionate about good, sustainable, local food products. We have recently been joined in the brewery by our sons, Toby and Oscar — so the Brew Moon remains truly a family business. Our beers are mostly made using Canterbury grown malt, Nelson hops, water and yeast. However, sometimes we break with tradition and use other fun and delicious ingredients like herbs, spices and fruit. Our beers really are handcrafted and naturally brewed; they are not filtered or pasteurised so you get all the flavour and health benefits. Our beer is distributed in kegs and cans as they preserve beer better than bottles do. And just as importantly — It’s better for the environment! Our beers can be found in discerning establishments (bars, bottle shops and supermarkets) all over New Zealand and, of course, in our Amberley taproom.