The Valkyries, in Scandinavian legends (translated as Choosers of the Slain), appeared as blonde-haired, fair-skinned, blue-eyed maidens who dressed in scarlet corsets and, in some tales, had wings of swan feathers enabling them to fly.  They carried out the will of Odin (a God in Scandinavian legends and ruler of Asgard) who determined the victors of battle and course of war.  The primary task of the Valkyries was to select the bravest of those who were slain in battle (known in legends as the Einherjar), collect their souls and escort them to Valhalla (Hall of the Slain).  Additional duties included donning white gloves and serving mead to those warriors as they dined in the halls of Valhalla.  The Valkyries were also known as Mead Maidens.  Aptly named, Valkyrie Brewing Co was created by Wendy Roigard - a female brewer of Scandinavian descent. Brewed in Christchurch, New Zealand and first released in February 2011, Valkyrie Brewing Co enjoys creating each brew to be a variation on a standard style, either by adding extra ingredients or by twisting the style in a uniquely Danish-Kiwi way.