Our journey began in Matakana in 2009 when our founder, Sam, decided to try his wine-making hand at making cider. After extensive research we knew the style of cider we liked best. Not just any old 'made from concentrate' cider, we wanted to make real cider from real New Zealand fruit with patience, craft and quality. We knew that the final product would taste its best if we started with the best ingredients so we scoured the country to find specific apple varieties from orchards around New Zealand. After long wintery nights crushing, an exploding fruit press, experimental brews and many hours spent hand bottling, we had our first 3,000L batch ready for release in the Spring of 2009. We sold it exclusively through our local Matakana Farmers market and were rewarded with great feedback, eager buyers and steady growth which allowed us to build our own cidery in Silverdale in 2012. The thirst for Zeffer has continued to increase and now reaches offshore. To facilitate our next stage of growth we are building a new cidery in the beautiful Hawke's Bay (beside our apples). We remain faithful to our simple vision and ethos of making cider that we are both proud to put our name on and love to drink. We are passionate about real New Zealand cider and it’s a privilige to be able to share it with you.