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Knowledge. We are the only storage & distribution company in New Zealand that specialises exclusively in New Zealand made craft beer & cider. Need assistance with tasting notes, menu composition or a history of beer - it’s all our forte.

Quality. We make it our business to sell the best beer, and represent the best breweries. Our beers are stored chilled thereby maximising freshness.

Supply. We will keep you informed of potential supply shortages or seasonal changes and have enough variety to offer suitable alternatives. If we don’t have it, neither does the brewery, and in most cases we have it when the brewery doesn’t!

Ease. Consolidate your orders, deliveries and accounts with all your craft beer needs from one supplier. Save time by accessing multiple breweries and beers with one call. One order, one invoice.

Convenience. No minimum order. Freight inclusive carton pricing. Submit your orders via phone, email, website or fax, 24 hours a day. Approved supplier status with both Foodstuffs and Progressive with charge through facilities available. Registered with GS1 Product Recall.

Freight. We have exceptional service levels and cost rates with our freight & courier providers. No one can get it to you quicker.

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