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Why Craft Beer

Craft is where its at. Craft beer is a growth category. While overall beer volumes consumed remain static or in decline, craft beer is firing! New Zealand now has more breweries than ever before, and demand is on the increase. Craft beer has become the accepted ‘norm’ and is here to stay.

Think Global, Drink Local. New Zealand craft breweries make fantastic interpretations of global beer styles (often featuring New Zealand grown hops and malt) as well as having developed our own new styles. Fresh is best.

Buy New Zealand Made. NZ craft breweries are owned by Kiwis, employ Kiwis, and use predominantly NZ ingredients and suppliers.

Diversity of flavours. With over 140 recognised beer styles, beer (more so than wine) has a place at any occasion, environment, dinner or food match. Sweet, sour, light, dark, fruit, spice, hoppy, malty, bitter, balanced – you name it!

Premium Product = Premium Profit. Customers are prepared to pay more for a premium, fresh, local, flavoursome product. Don’t be confused between % and $ profit. Craft puts more dollars in the till - sell less, make more.

Continuity of Supply. Beer, unlike wine, is not a seasonal or annual product. It can be made any day, any time of the year. Apart from seasonal or limited releases, you won’t have supply unavailability or abrupt finishes to products.

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